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HX40 Turbo Kit with Stainless Manifold (Genuine Holset)

HX40 Turbo Kit with Stainless Manifold (Genuine Holset)

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Introducing the Holset HX40 turbo kit with our compact stainless manifold. 

This turbo kit is ideal for anyone on a lower budget or simply wanting a very heavy duty turbocharger that would outlast most engines. Capable of producing 475bhp when used with one our 7.7mm or 8.5mm mechanical injection pumps.

Benefits Include

  • Boost from 2700 RPM
  • Ideal for fast road, roll racing, top speed events
  • Ideal for drag racing (recommend 3500 RPM converter) 
  • Twinscroll manifold give you gains in spool up time is greatly reduced by almost 400rpm
  • Pulse division allows you to run higher boost pressure without causing valve float at higher rpm 

Kit Includes

  • Genuine Holset HX40 Turbocharger
  • Oil feed and return lines
  • Compact Stainless Manifold
  • multilayer steel exhaust manifold gasket
  • Bolt and nordlock kit
  • 4" DieselPumpUK Air Filter
  • 18" Braided Hose with jubilee clips
  • T4 twin scroll turbo gasket
  • Wastegate Blank & Clamp
  • Billet drain flanges with gaskets
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