Collection: Turbo Selection

Here you will find our DieselPumpUK range of turbo kits. We recommend the following: 

For, heavy ,off-road and overland 4x4vehicles 

•Hybrid v2 (with ceramic coated manifold ideally) - 300bhp
•HX30 kit (with ceramic coated manifold ideally) -320bhp
•QuickSpool race kit (opt for small housing s200) -425bhp
For classic vehicles (old Landrovers, classic Mercedes cars etc)
•Hybrid v2 - 300bhp
For drift vehicles 
•QuickSpool race kit (medium housing s200) -450bhp
For Fast Road vehicles 
•HX30 kit with adapter - 320bhp
•HX35 kit with stainless manifold - 375bhp
•QuickSpool race kit (med housing S200) - 450bhp
•HX40 turbo kit - 475bhp
•Hardcore Race Kit (S300) - 600bhp