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Outboard Transom Mount

Outboard Transom Mount

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Our transom mounting brackets are made from high quality, high strength 5083 grade marine aluminium. They have an internal back bone which is tied into the upper and lower sections. This divides the bracket into two separate buoyant pods in the event of any damage on one side.

Our design tapers up to allow clear and clean water directly to the propeller which give an impressive gain in performance and economy. This also gives an incredible ‘bite’ on initial acceleration and helps to prevent cavitation during sharp turns.

The standard bracket weighs a little over 100kg and boasts 500kg of positive buoyancy. It has a 12 degree transom angle and mounts the outboard 30 inches behind your current transom. This allows even the largest outboard to fully tilt.

Please see video of the unit being tested with an Evinrude G300 and Mercury 400R outboard.

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