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Quick Spool Valve V2 – Water cooled

Quick Spool Valve V2 – Water cooled

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Do you have a twin scroll turbo? and would you like faster spool up and higher top end power? I think we would all answer yes to the latter……

7 years of development has lead us to this latest QSV design which can be used on many different applications including petrol and diesel high bhp options. The valve body is watercooled to allow more stable operation and durability. The one piece CNC machined valve blade and shaft is a stainless steel construction and strongest in class.


This valve deflects gas rather than simply blocking off one port allowing even better spool up than our previous design and less hot spots on the material. Replacing bronze bushing and a labyrinth gas seal. Supplied with actuator (opening pressure under 1.0 bar).

This system can also be used on twin scroll manifolds due to the chamfered recess under the divider

T3, T4 & T6 currently available. Watch our YouTube video to find out more…….

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